Remote Desktop

Remotely connect to a computer, be it
from home or halfway around the world.

Working Everywhere

· AweSun brings you easy, efficient and secure access to remote desktops, whether you're at home, on the go, in a hotel… anywhere.

· AweSun offers cross-platform compatibility such as connections between Windows, iOS and Android.

· Powered by RSA/AES (256-bit) encryption and H.264 technologies, AweSun delivers a secure, stable and smooth connection to your devices.

· Computer aided transmission of messages and images enables you to control all actions on the remote computer, as if you were there.

Remote Desktop

Remote Assistance Solution

· AweSun enables you to achieve online teamwork, and on the go support with your clients, colleagues, friends and family.

· Host a productive video conference and collaborate on projects remotely.

· Save time and travel cost for onsite, in-person service and maintenance.

· Fix IT issues remotely and help you to stay productive.

Remote Desktop

File Transfer

· Transfer files between both ends with a secure line.

· Breakpoint continual transfer.

· Remote delete, download, or rename files with one click.

File Transfer

More Features

  • Blank Screen

    Blank Screen

    · AweSun offers the feature to show only a black screen on the remotely controlled desktop.

    · Let you protect your privacy if your computer is located in an open-plan place.

  • Whiteboard


    · The whiteboard feature enables you to draw and write anything on the presented screen.

    · It is perfect for remote education and joint projects while working remotely. You can also easily present ideas during video meetings.

  • Desktop Recording

    Desktop Recording

    · A simple and safe way to record important remote operations, without the need for third-party screen recording software.

    · Create shareable support for all purposes: to produce training materials, to share presentations and so on.

  • Synchronized Clipping

    Synchronized Clipping

    · Simply cut and paste files.

    · A simple way to control your device and enhance your working pace.

  • Remote Printing

    Remote Printing

    · Remote access devices where documents are stored and print them directly from your local printer.

    · Improve working efficiency and save the cost of office.



    · Customize your frequent commands.

    · Save your command history.